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Price List        (last modification: 10 August, 2019)






General Conditions


Supertech Instruments gives you 3 years of full warranty for mechanical products by default. For our electronic products the full warranty period is 5 years. The default warranty period can be extended in exceptional cases (according to special discussions).


Supertech Instruments gives you full warranty for its products against defects in materials or workmanship as long as the equipment has been subjected to normal and proper use. During the warranty period, faulty products will be repaired or replaced free of charge provided they are returned to our workshop. Postage of the warranty repair actions is paid by the Customer. There are special conditions introduced for repairing of Vibration Isolation Tables (see below).


Supertech Instruments will undertake the servicing and calibration after the expiration of the warranty period for a nominal fee.


The warranty does not cover the faults made by the user.


If the installation was not carried out on a workmanlike manner, the warranty ceases. We provide many resources to help you to install the product correctly: user manual, installation manual, repair manual, free helpdesk on the phone and in email. With this background the workmanlike installation is easy. However if you are not sure you can do it, you can involve our product specialist.


Electrical safety measurements of proper operation of the 115 / 230 V AC mains electric system (from the equipments have been supplied) is the sole responsibility of the user.


There are products of Supertech Instruments, which have no built-in mains power supplies, but they are supplied from plug-in DC power supplies. If such an equipment is supplied from an external plug-in DC power supply, which is not approved in advance by Supertech Instruments, the warranty ceases. The simplest way to avoid this risk is to order the appropriate plug-in DC power supply from us.


Warranty conditions of STable (©) Active Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Tables are slightly special because of their huge weight and inability of transportation. The details are published in the User Manual of Active Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Tables.


All products of Supertech Instruments have got CE identifier and certificate.


The prices published in this price list are end user prices, except in the section of Vibration Isolation Tables, Optical Tables and Damping Plates. Vibration isolation products are nearly always ordered by reseller partners. This is the reason, eliminating the need of calculations, why that section is written in reseller prices.


The prices listed below are NET prices (excluding VAT). For international transactions the VAT should not be paid to Supertech Instruments.


Shipping fee is not included in the price of the equipments.


Our prices are extremely stable (usually for years). We update some price items very rarely.


Outside the European Union the local customs duties and may be VAT or other taxes (depending on the laws of your country) must be paid, not for Supertech Instruments, but for the appropriate local offices.


Shipping fee discount for our customers who are located close to our factory in the neighboring EU countries: shipment is FREE in whole




Default payment method is prepayment. The exceptions are:

- For old customers of Supertech Instruments we apply the method of payment after delivery.

- In special cases (e.g. if prepayment is not allowed at your Institute) the payment after delivery is possible.

- For higher amounts we can agree special payment methods (e.g. partial prepayment and the rest after delivery, etc.).


For international transport we use the services of specialized, professional shipping firms. We always offer that firm, which has the smallest "transport injury rate" according to our experiences in the target country.


Discount for higher quantities:

    1 - 9 pieces: list prices, see below

    10 - 99 pieces: 12 % discount

    100 - 999 pieces: 24 % discount

    1000 - to more pieces: 36 % discount


During the continuous development process the internal constructions and the technical parameters of our products are frequently improved. According to the development phases the version numbers of the equipments are sometimes changed without prior notice. But these changes usually have no effect for the prices. In most of the cases we keep the former prices for the newer versions.


In most cases you can ask minor modifications and customizations on the products according to your special requirements. Usually we carry out the small modifications for free. To discuss your desires versus our technical possibilities and conditions, please contact us.



Vibration Isolation Tables, Optical Tables and Damping Plates


All prices of Supertech Instruments are public, except for the vibration isolation products. Most of the vibration isolation tables are sold by authorized reseller partners. We protect them this way. For the current reseller prices of the products and services related to the vibration isolation topic, please contact us.


Shipment of the vibration isolation table, if it is transported by an independent, specialized lorry firm, on pallet:

- It is the default shipping method, cheap, fast and secure.

- For the availability to your target location and current price given by our partner firm, please email us.


We do not apply a shipping fee in those countries, where we offer free shipment (see the current list of the involved countries above).


The shipment means the insured shipping action up to the required location. The product is crated and shipped on pallet. Shipment does not include installation. We provide a detailed installation guide for every product. The installation does not need any special knowledge or practice.


For unique requests we offer on-site installation service. The planned installation date should be discussed at least 5 weeks in advance; otherwise it can not be guaranteed due to potential conflicts in said third parties' scheduling.


Shipping of the vibration isolation table in the European Union, including complete installation. On this service Supertech Instruments does NOT want to earn any profit, we just invoice our real expenses:

- Unit price of transportation is 0.386 EUR / km. This transportation fee is merely calculated from the price of fuel and the amortization rate of our vehicle and does not include any extra cost or profit. Since our factory is located in Hungary, the distance is calculated from the Hungarian factory to the target location and the same distance in backward direction.

- We provide a practiced service engineer as a driver. He can install the table fluently, he is not a simple driver. Alternately, our service engineer can travel by plane while the table is shipped on pallet.

- Moving specialists: for maximum safety third-party experts are contracted for heavy lifting during the installation process.

- Additionally, accommodation fee for our product specialist will be applied, if the distance from the Hungarian border is too long to travel there and back in one day (it is a particular consideration in every case).




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